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Where a marketing piece is mailed is Key!

Our extensive List Development services, ensure that your marketing piece gets to your Target.

Categories of Lists:

Renters' Real Estate Lists (apartments, homes, condos or townhomes)

This is an incredible opportunity to locate first-time homebuyers or renters.  We know the rent range (apartments only) or can identify high rent opportunities.

Your Personal/Customer List or Sphere

You can email us your list in Excel or CSV format and we will keep it secure for future mailing needs. We help you maintain this list when you send us your additions and deletions. Your customer's addresses can be verified using the criteria from the National Change of Address (NCOA).


Provide us with an area by radius around an address, city, zip code or even street boundaries. By accessing the county assessor's records we can provide information such as assessed value, estimated income, year built, type of home and more.

 Additional opportunities include lists by age, gender, income,

assets, hobbies, lifestyle and more.  Just ask!

 Mortgage Real Estate Lists

We have a great variety of list opportunities - Short Sale, Homeowners Late on Mortgage Payment, Reverse Mortgage Candidates, High Interest Loan Holders, ARM Prospects, Subprime, Private Party Lenders, Lender Specific, Foreclosure Candidates and much more.


Reach businesses by type, annual sales, and number of employees.

Mailing Lists

CASS Certification (Coding Accuracy Support System)
Address Verification
Duplicate Address Removal
NCOA (National Change of Address) Database
Fixing Lists (structure of the various mailing fields)

 Notification Lists Required by Government Entities

Developers are often required by Cities and Counties to notify property owners within a specified distance of their subject property of expected changes in their area. These projects require that the lists are precise and match exactly with county assessor records. We have developed these specialized lists since 1990 and can perform this service when needed, saving you countless hours and providing you confidence that this task is handled in a professional manner.